When We Wanted It So Bad, We Cried.

Oh, Erin. Oh, Erin… I think of how we were only a couple years ago and I roll my eyes. How dumb we were. Such girls. Crying our eyes out in your car, in my driveway, about how inadequate we felt, how unloved, and undesired. Pathetic single girls, fresh out of high school, believing with all our hearts that love… would not… come.

Let alone marriage!

All of that blubbering simply because we watched “Moulin Rouge” and their love was too much for us to handle. Everyone else thought it was about prostitution, but we knew better. Oh yeah, we knew. It was real love, man. REAL love. And we wanted it so badly for ourselves. We coveted their “come what may” passion and our bawls nearly made us sick on the drive home from your house.

And you said to me, “I want a husband.” That’s one of the few statements said that night that remains clear in my mind. I haven’t forgotten. “I want a husband.” You were being so honest, too. But I couldn’t understand. Because all I wanted was a date.

We got over it though. We blamed the movie. We even said we’d never watch it again. Although, I’ve gone back on that promise about 28 times.

So today is the day of your wedding. And I can’t even be there. Not even to point, laugh, and tease you for the past.

“And you thought it wouldn’t ever happen!!”

And I can’t be there to gawk at your gorgeous dress, walk down the isle as a bridesmaid, or take Leah down in one mighty sweep as I single-handedly catch the bouquet. I can’t do any of that, and I’m really, really sorry. I wanted so badly to be there.

I’ll make it up to you somehow. But in the meantime, this is my toast: To you and your new husband – trust, value, and love one another. Journey, explore, and invest in your future. Seek God and His will for your lives. And for goodness sakes, have lots of sex! You deserve it, kids!

I love you both dearly. I’m so, so, so happy for you.

Josh, you lucky guy.

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