I wonder sometimes if what I blog here is too personal. If maybe I should change people’ names so that no one know exactly who I am referring to. But then I convince myself that no matter what I do, people I know are gonna know exactly who I’m writing about–it doesn’t matter how vague I make it. I just hope that whatever I write doesn’t scare anyone, anger anyone, frustrate anyone, or intimdate anyone.

Whatever you read here is just an outlet of thoughts. You’re getting to know me better because you’re reading what’s going on inside my head. And perhaps, you can relate at times. Perhaps you can’t. Either way, I hope you can take whatever is written here simply as a sort of portal into my own heart. Because that’s what it is.

I dunno who I’m talking to here… Mainly Ryan and Sarah. Hey guys. I was just thinking about what I’m doing with this… I just don’t want anyone to run away.

Uh-oh… I can feel the sadness radiating from this one. That can’t be good.

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