Came home at 12:30 AM tonight, saw the bright moon directly above me, encircled by a glowing ring of light, and decided I would stay outside my house for a while. I played a new riff I came up with on my guitar (recently covered with wild looking poetry by myself) and came up with a few lyrics to accompany it.

“It’s come down to this

It’s all very clear

I falling hard for you

Right now, right here

Your eyes, your smile

I could look at you

So talk to me a while”

Yeah, they’re not very refined, but it’s a basic foundation.

I fell asleep upon arriving at my guitar teacher’s house today. When I walked in, he was still teaching, so I sat on his sofa to wait. With my guitar propped between my legs, I dozed off listening to the two of them practice this amazing instrumental piece I had never heard before. It was a sweet-sounding lullaby and caused me to drift quickly into unconsciousness. I woke up after I heard, “…to her lesson. Oh look, she’s napping. Wow… she’s out. Poor, tired girl…” It was one of those sleeps where I could still hear people talking and make out bits of conversation. After hearing him mention how I tired I was, I slowly remembered where I was and opened my eyes. Oh yeah… guitar… practice… learning… Wake up.

I had a nice day today. Of course, like all Wednesdays, the best part of it was CRU. I love seeing my friends and listening to them talk, and laugh, and make fun of each other. Nick kept himself entertained with a napkin and a pen, and after about two hours at it, he finished with (what I remember anyway) a tiny little sun, a boy’s head with a “DUNCE” cap on, a flower, and some other squiggly thing. That’s it, after all that time… I guess that means he was distracted by people talking to him the majority of the night–a very good thing.

Once again, I must mention how I’ve seen Sarah grow as a person. There was a time when I had a lot of difficulty getting close to her because for a long time, I always felt like I was walking on glass around her. Although she reads this, I’m not worried about what she’ll say because I’m pretty sure she’ll know why I say it. Anyways, I’ve relaxed a lot more when I’m with her and have found that I can truly confide in her. I think I’ve gained a lot of her trust, and I hope she knows that she’s gained a lot of mine.

Fiona and I got closer tonight. She really opened up to me and I was glad that it wasn’t just me venting things out to her, but her telling me things. I always feel guilty bringing my problems or issues out onto someone else, but I realized from talking to Fi that it is a really nice thing to listen and hear about other peoples’ struggles. I mean, I am a good listener and I’d like to think that I usually have some fairly good advice, but I also know that I release on others a lot, too, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s healthy. So, as I sat with Fi, I felt really good about being quiet and just being a friend.

John R. gave me an amazing hug before I left tonight. In fact, I was driving away when he waved his hands to stop me. I rolled my window down and asked, “What?” He reached into the car door, unlocked it, opened it and attacked me with the biggest hug I’ve had in a long time. Of course, the first thing I ask is, “What’s this for??” And he says, “Because, I needed to give you one.” Then he says that he could fall asleep right there in my arms, and I thought, Wow, that’s kinda sweet… When he backed up, he gave me one of those high-five/hand-hold things and said, “Thanks.” I asked, “For what?” He smiled, “For being here.” I love John and I hope he’s as genuine as he seems all the time–I believe he is.

Well, this post started somewhere but ended up pretty much no where, but that’s ok with me. Just so long as I write something. Gosh, I’m tired. Normally, I would try and write something witty and thought-provoking… But not right now. Right now, I’m just… Meh.

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