Christmas is coming and I have no money to buy presents for my friends or family. This job hunt thing is really adding to my level of stress. I most recently applied for a teller position at BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust) where I had to take another “assessment test” to qualify for an interview. However, this time, I got the interview. But this all happened last Tuesday and it is now Monday and I wish like none other that somebody would call to request a second interview, or even better, tell me I’ve been hired.

One of my favorite pastimes is to mull over the things I’d like to do with my first paycheck. Something I can say now that a lot of people can’t is that I truly know how it feels to “start over” with nothing and know no one. I do not have furniture. I do not have media entertainment. I lack a microwave, vacuum cleaner, dresser, cable television, computer, and much, much more… I knew I was living in a new realm of “thrifty living” when I splurged on a bathroom rug for $9 and a paper towel holder for $3 at Wal*Mart.

It’s fun to think about the cool things I’ll finally be able to purchase when I can afford to do so. Like a futon for my living room – practical for when friends and family come to visit and need a place to sleep. And basic cable television, so I can stay informed by local news channels and give my guests some form of alternative entertainment.

Most exciting, I will finally be able to move “Josser”, my cat, to be here with me! I miss my cat. I mean, I really miss him. I miss our conversations. He’s the type of cat that talks back. It doesn’t matter what you say, he’ll say something right back.

Right now, my conversations are limited to those I have with Andy and “December Fish”, the male beta fish I purchased on the first of this month (a $2 indulgence). “December Fish” is filling the fins of “October Fish”, who was Andy’s gift to me when I first arrived in Tennessee. Sadly, “October Fish” lasted little over a month and now resides in Fish Heaven.

So right now, it’s me, Andy, and “December Fish” and not a lot else really. And I apologize if this seems to be an ongoing topic for me, but when you’ve got nothing, you end up not having a whole lot to talk about.

Hopefully, for all your sakes, I’ll get a job soon. Really soon.

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