Hey hey.

I had an interesting day today. In Chemistry class, we made root-beer. Someone brought vanilla ice cream so we all enjoyed root-beer floats. It was pretty fun. And it tasted really good! I hate root-beer too, but I loved what we made. It was tasty… I was a little paranoid about drinking it out of the same beakers that we’ve used for doing experiements using chemicals like sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids! But my teacher assured me that it was safe because they’d been cleaned out thoroughly. Then again, my teacher loves to play pranks and makes us think that a bomb is about to go off at any second. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my special moment of the day!

I like keeping my blogs short but with a good point. So I will proceed to wrap this one up.

My relationship with Christ has been dwelling mostly on my growing faith and my ability to listen to what God desires of me. Lately, the Lord has been requesting simple things from me. For example, if I see someone sitting alone during lunch, God has asked me to simply go up to them and invite them to eat with my friends and me in the band hallway. Usually, the thought of going up to someone I don’t know makes me cringe, but I’ve been practicing and it’s getting better. There are even times when God has asked me to simply give someone in the corner a smile. A smile! That’s all! How on earth does that do anything for that person? And God always reminds me, “You can’t see their hearts, but trust Me, because I certainly can.” So, basically, that is my ultimate goal each and every day: To love others the way God wants me to.

Over and out.

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