Hello, welcome to jeffersonairplane. This is your Captain speaking:

Ok, ok. I should probably credit newday101 and again47 because they both have inspired me to start jeffersonairplane. Each blog is dedicated to building their lives toward Christ and making each day better than the previous one with God’s help.

If you’re curious about the blog title, I’ll tell you about it. Relient K is my favorite band, (of all time), and on their Creepy EP six track sample CD, they have a song titled Jefferson Airplane. And that is all I will say about that…

So, for today, I will end on this touching note:

“On Jefferson Airplane, I’m trapped and I am enclosed.

But I won’t complain, I’ll open all the windows.

Cause when I’m colder, I feel much better.

When I cry on my own shoulder, just throw on a sweater

And go.” God bless!

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