I was made to love magic,

All its wonder to know,

But you all lost that magic,

Many, many years ago.

Nick Drake understood. He understood the importance of quality over quantity. If you don’t know his music, then you certainly won’t know what I’m talking about and you are free to ignore this post entirely.

Sitting here, flipping through the pages of this CD jacket, reading through the scanned images of Nick’s handwritten lyrics… I feel happy and discontent all at once. Happy to know Nick lived to write music, discontent that there are not as many artists presently seeking to influence music in the same way he did, which was not seeking that influence at all.

“Nick’s studious approach to performing well-chosen standards of the time had allowed him to perfect tunings and techniques that were to serve his own songs well – acting as a signature, making his early recordings distinctive and setting himself apart from the fashionable singer-songwriters of his era.” – BryterMusic.com

When music like this can exist, I cannot help but wonder why there isn’t more like it. Why there aren’t more artists aspiring after the same understanding that Nick had. His love of magic and the moon, the fact that he wrote more about trees and grass than actual women, makes Nick one of the best songwriters of all time. Instead of the drib beats, predictable melodies, and juvenile lyrics of mainstream music today, Nick wrote with real passion, real love, and real life.

With lyrics like, “If religion were a thing/That money could buy/Then the rich would live/And the poor would die,” and more like, “The list of fallen stars/And crumbled, broken hearts/Comes from a need/To play so many parts”… Man. How then, can anyone prefer to listen to something like this?? Please tell me why.

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