Awkward silence… It’s the killer of all good conversations, if not all conversations period. But when it takes place inside a psychologist’s office, there’s a simple remedy: say something else about yourself. That’s what it is. An hour dedicated to yourself. You’re in a room with a stranger asking to know everything there is about you – when will you ever have another chance to be self-centered? Unless you’re naturally a self-centered person, you’ll probably only have this chance once a week for an hour at a time. At least I will, because I’ll be going back again next week, same time.

When is the worst time to experience awkward silence? I can think of a few scenerios, but the first one that comes to mind is when you’re on a date. The second one that comes to mind is during a job interview. Which is almost like a date. In both situations, your desire is to put your best foot forward and hope they like you – really really like you – and ask to see you again.

In my best effort, I have thought of every question the recruiter might ask and answered them to the best of my ability. My dad spent an hour on the phone with me, prepping me for the interview. My outfit has been picked out and screams “I want to be a bank teller, dammit!!”

Tomorrow morning at 10:00am, I’ll find myself sitting in front of two banker men, desperately seeking the most perfect person to be their next teller. I am such person. I’m so perfect, it almost hurts. I am going to tell like no bank has ever seen anybody tell before. You can imagine it, can’t you? Picture this: “I can help whoever’s next in line! Hello, Mr. Johnson, how are you today? Is that all I can do for you today, Mr. Johnson? Thanks for coming in! I can help whoever’s next in line!” How awesome am I?

Okay, really – I’m nervous as poo. Even as I practice walking around my living room in these dreadful black heeled shoes, I find my bottom lip quivering everso slightly in anticipation of that first handshake. I hope I’m as cool as I’m trying to be. And I hope I don’t trip in these… I really hope I don’t trip.

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