“I love my lips!” –Larry the Cucumber

You know what?? I posted something after 10/11 and it has magicly disappeared and it make me so sad because it was a great post… Oh well, I’ll get over it.

I am excited for tomorrow night because after class, I am meeting up with friends from CRU and we are going bowling at a place where smoking is prohibited!!! I didn’t even know those places existed! I’ve decided to team up with a couple friends, (Sarah and Neal), and beat on everyone else–I’ve decided we’re going to win.

I’m going to see one of my best friends this weekend. She goes to school in Tacoma which is about 40 minutes away. It’s a private Christian school, but it’s pretty popular and has a large student population. She will be the first person I have seen since everyone else has left. No, that’s not true. Leah came back the weekend we went to see relientK back in September. But, I have yet to GO and visit anyone and Stephanie is the first who I have decided to actually take the time to get in my car and drive to. I’ll be sleeping in the dorm and meeting all her new cool friends. I always get this feeling before I go to somewhere new that I’m not cool enough or something and shouldn’t go. Ya know? I guess it’s a fear of acceptance or something, which I’ve never had trouble with before! It’s never been a problem to make friends with people–still I manage to get weird feelings before I actually go somewhere. Anyways, moving on…

I like cake.

Sweet dreams, jeffersonair fliers.

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