Am I to suffer “everlasting” loneliness!? jk

Friday! It’s really Friday! Why have the weeks seemed to slow down? Homework, studying, staying up later, getting up early… they all contribute to lengthy weeks… But finally, it’s Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday, and I don’t have to do anything. The chill of autumn has reached the Seattle area and it feels so good. I walk about outside with short-sleeves while chattering my teeth and a big smile on my face. The leaves are turning gold while the evergreens remain completely unchanged. The smell of chimney smoke is becoming a more familiar smell among the neighborhoods. It always happens in the second or third week of September, when chimney smoke and pine seem to be so strong, a person’s nose could not possibly ignore them. I love this season… It’s especially beautiful here.

Today, I slept in late and missed my english class. Unfortunately, I had a paper that was due today, so I’m going to have to grovel to my teacher as to how sorry I am. I was really looking forward to doing peer reviews, too, however, last night’s sleep was so great… it’s no wonder I slept in. Later this afternoon, I am going to go see the movie Tuck Everlasting. I read the book when I was in the sixth grade and it was my favorite book for a long time. After I heard they were going to turn it into a movie, I went out, bought another copy of the book, and read it again. It’s still just as good as it was the first time. So I am excited to go see the movie. I am sure they are going to make it just as good as the book, if not better. The novel was kinda short and despite how wonderful it was, I bet it could have been even greater with length. Jonathan Jackson is a very godly-guy too–he spoke at the youth rally that was held at my high school two years ago. He is just as beautiful in person as he is on screen. And I’ve heard he was extremely nice to all my friends who worked behind the scenes of the rally. I also read in an interview in an article of the other star of the movie. I forget his name, but he plays Jon’s older brother in the movie, and he was saying that having Jonathan Jackson was so great because he thought God worked through Jonathon on the set. I think that is so rad. God is working His way into Hollywood.

I miss my friends. Normally, there would have been lots of people around to ask to go with me to see this movie, but most of them have all gone and cannot come back until Christmas time. But I refuse to miss this movie. I’m going today. Even if it means going by myself. Kyle would have come with me, but he and dad have left on a hunting trip and won’t be back until Tuesday. Mom would go, but she’s working. Wow! It’s amazing how a person can become so lonely!

Anyways, that’s all I feel like writing for today. My hands are getting tired anyway. Peace out! carly.

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