The following is a composite of film characters I believe possess, within their worded bodies, a little piece of myself. Or perhaps, little pieces which I covet internally, knowing full well that coveting is wrong. But still, I covet.

  • Passion: “Danielle De Barbarac” played by Drew Barrymore in the classic Cinderella-tale, Ever After. The following scene takes place on the shores of a small river. Sitting side-by-side, the Prince of France and Danielle, whose true identity is a servant, discuss politics and social inequalities among the French people. The Prince’s snide remarks lead Danielle to scolding him.
  • Prince Henry: First I’m arrogant and now I have no pride, however do I manage that?

    Danielle: You have everything and still the world holds no joy.

    Yet you insist on making fun of those who would see it for its possibilities.

    Prince Henry: How do you do it?

    Danielle: What?

    Prince Henry: Live each day with this kind of passion. Don’t you find it exhausting?

    Danielle: Only when I’m around you… Why do you like to irritate me so?

    Prince Henry: Why do you rise to the occasion?

    Both: (Laugh)

    There she is, in the presence of Prince Henry, who is not only French but also the most eligible bachelor of the times, and she repremands him for his charming ignorance. She could very well schmooze the Prince and aim for the thrown, but no. She stays true to herself and disagrees with him, blatently, and he loves her all the more for it. Now that’s charming.

  • Humour: “Anna Scott” played by Julia Roberts in the lovely and unforgettable film, Notting Hill. After a series of photos are submitted to the tabloids, Hollywood actress “Anna Scott” runs to “William”, a humble man who owns a travel book shop. The two had met early on in the story and Anna is quickly intrigued by William’s quiet, genuine nature, who is in no rush for her autograph. In William’s flat, Anna relaxes and lounges on the couch while William reads a newspaper.
  • Anna: You’ve got big feet.

    William: Yes… Always have had.

    Anna: You know what they say about men with big feet?

    William: No… What’s that?

    Anna: Big feet–Large… shoes.

    William: (Laughs heartily)

    Once again, another woman who desires only to be herself. Her colours shine when she’s wrapped up in a gray sweatshirt, which is far too big for her, and listening to the sound of her bare feet on the hardwood floor. She doesn’t have to be this keen actress, perfect in every way, which her character seems obligated to portay. She makes the teensiest of jokes about Hugh Grant’s feet and it’s enough to make him laugh from the inside out. That scene is how I often feel life should be.

  • Eccentricity: “Lucy Eleanor Moderatz” played by Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping. I would try to explain the plot of this film, because generally speaking, it’s quite simple. But to explain one part would require to explain every part and to understand the film in it’s entirety is missing the point. The following conversation is had when “Lucy” storms into her boss’ office and places a sticky note on his desk.

    Jerry: What’s this?

    Lucy: It’s a wedding invitation.

    Jerry: Wait a minute! This is your wedding invitation!

    Lucy: So?

    Jerry: Whom are we marrying?

    Lucy: Jerry…(Points to Post-It) Peter Callaghan.

    Jerry: The coma guy?! Are you insane?

    Lucy: Yes, Jerry, I’m insane. Everyday, I go and I sit in a booth like a veal.

    I work every holiday. I go home to a cat. And now a rich and handsome man

    has asked me to marry him, and I have said “yes.”

    Okay, okay, that makes me a raving, total lunatic!

    Jerry: The wedding is tomorrow, Lucy!

    Lucy: I know it’s tomorrow, Jerry! But you know what? I even wish it were yesterday!

    Because you know what that would mean? That today I would be on my honeymoon,

    I would finally have a stamp in my passport, and that it would say “Italy” on it!

    Jerry: What happened with the other guy?

    Lucy: …He didn’t want me.

    Loneliness and the overwhelming desire for magic and romance will drive people to sanity sometimes. I love Sandra Bullock’s character in this movie. All she wants are stamps in her passport and a man to go home to instead of her cat. It shouldn’t shock you while I chose this particular character to relate myself to.

    I promise I really am more complex than the combination of these three particular characters, but these are the top three. Which movie character (or characters) do you relate to?

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