Life has been “softer to me”

First of all, I started school today. It went great! I really like my classes thus far. I had English 102 and College Strategies 150 this morning. Later tonight, I’ll go to Cinema 201. That will be a whole lot of fun too.

However, I gotta talk about my weekend. Saturday in particular. You see, earlier, I mentioned that I was going to see relientK on the 28th and I was totally stoked to see them. Well, my friend was sposed to buy me and three of my friends tickets. Well, due to a miscommunication, she thought I’d already bought them and therefore, only bought one for herself. Apparently, someone told her that I had already bought the tickets I needed, and unfortunately, my friend failed to call me and check to see if it were true. So, come Friday, I call her to ask if our tickets were in from the mail and I find out that my friends and I are completely without. I was shocked… I didn’t know what to do…

I had been reading Matt Theissen’s tour journal every single day, and I was so happy to hear when he wrote that each show of the Back to the Few Tour had sold out! I thought, Wow! They totally deserve it! They’re so awesome! But after I discovered I was without tickets, I became paniced and called my three friends. Two of them were ok with the situation and didn’t mind not going. My third friend was as equally upset as I was and didn’t want to give up. So we called Graceland in Seattle, where the show would be, and asked if they would be selling at the door. They were sold out. TicketMaster was our next attempt, but they were out too. They told us to try RiteAid, so we did, and they were out too. We’d tried everyone and came up with nothing. I thought I’d lost… I was so sad.

Saturday morning came and I woke up still depressed from the previous day. My friend called me and suggested that we go to Seattle, despite our lack of tickets, and try to find people with spares. I agreed to go and prayed to God, asking Him to provide us two tickets. We left really early so that we could ask each person as they came into line. While my friend ran around asking each person as they arrived, I stuck in line, saving our place. While I stood there, my best friend, Leah, who moved to Canada for school, called me on my cell phone with a surprise.

“I’m here! In Washington! I’m coming to the show!”

Of course, I couldn’t believe it! Not only that, but I was so sad! I still didn’t have tickets and here came my best friend to see the show, and I wouldn’t be able to go in with her. So, I told her the situation and she replied, “I have a spare! I have one! You can have it! But you’ll still need to find one more.” I was SO happy! I couldn’t believe it! I had a ticket! So I told my friend, and she was overjoyed! And more determined to find someone with a single ticket. She kept searching.

In the meantime, her friend Josh called to see if he could join as at the show! He didn’t have a ticket! So we decided to continue our search for two. About ten minutes before the doors opened for the show, my friend found two tickets. Two! Josh came and joined us and so did Leah! I got my ticket and so did my friend, and even Josh got a ticket! We all got into the show! And not only did we get in, but because we were some of the first to get into line, we ended up making the first row in the moshpit. We were as close to the bands as you could get. I could reach up and touch all the guitars and the band members handed us bottled waters. I currently have two black bruises on both of my hips from being pressed against the edge of the stage–they are my very special souvenirs taken away from one amazingly rad show.

God totally provided for us! He cared for our most simple desire and I am totally blown away by His grace! We could not have gotten in had God not led us to people with spare tickets. And I am incredibly overjoyed that I didn’t have to miss the show. I dunno what I would be writing now had I not gone to see it. Nothing but sadness and tears, of course.

But that’s my story! Isn’t it the greatest?! God is so hardcore! I love Him!

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