I wrote a song today called “Come to Me”. It’s good.

It dawned on me today that school starts on Monday. I kept reminding myself that it did, but it didn’t actually occur to me until today… Do you ever do that?

Anyways, I am pretty excited about it though. I’m taking a fairly heavy course load and I think it’s gonna be pretty tough, but for the most part, I think it’s gonna be tons of fun. Tons of homework, but fun nonetheless. I guess I’m looking forward to writing more and learning subjects like Cinema 101 where I’ll learn about camera angles and lighting and the whole movie-making formula.

I’ll also be riding my bike to school everyday, which will definitely be interesting due to the fact that it rains nine months out of the year here in Washington. But I will persevere. I shall not be defeated.

…Moving on. Today was sleepish. Nothing really happened. I slept in late, finally got up, took a shower, did some cleaning, went outside occasionally, but other than that, did nothing much throughout the day. I accomplished nothing. I took Nate to Guitar Center, dinked around with some of the stuff, but we were quickly away because we had to return home in time to escape certain wrath from an impatient mother. However, in itself, it was quite fun, and that’s basically the whole in what happened today.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be different. I’ll wake up, take Kyle to school, then quickly drive to the slough, where I will rip out my bike and test ride to the campus. I need to check to see how long it will take me to arrive from downtown Woo-Town to the front door of my first class.

Wish me luck! Happy flying!

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