Dude! You’d never have guessed that only TWO seconds after I posted this, guess who popped on the radio… DAH!!!!

I was working by myself in the barn tonight, cleaning and doing all that nasty stuff, and listening to serious techno music and dancing stoopidly because no one was watching. It was quite fun because I could not help but laugh at myself while I “did my thing.” And just about the entire time, I was thinking about how much I wish I were a true punk. Seriously now, I wish I could pull it off. The black chuck’s, the dickies, the thrift shirts and the whacked hair, but holy crud, do I suck! I’m thinking about totally splurging and heading over to the mall and buy some way expensive dickies pants and shorts and then buying the three-row belt that I’ve wanted ever since Leah got one and upped me on my double-row… I was thinking about doing the whole weird colored sock thing with black or red chucks and wearing dickie shorts or something… Yeah, I know, totally Avril Livigne, or however you spell her name, but you know she wasn’t the one who invented the style! I really can’t stand the chick… I mean, she is an awesome singer and she dresses way boss, but if you actually listened to her songs without having ever seen what that girl looked like, you know you’d automatically think she was another Britney or Mandy! You know it’s true! She doesn’t sing punk! She’s a total pop star! Not only that, but they use things like the guitar and skateboarding to make her look cooler than who she really is. Dude, I know how to play the guitar and that girl, she may know a couple open chords and ANYONE can play a powerchord, but I wouldn’t say she’s a talent. And I read an interview and I think the only skate trick she can do is an… shoot, I dunno how to spell it. I’m not a skater. It’s an “ali” or whatever. That trick where you jump up, the skateboard comes up off the ground, and then goes back down. Yeah, that one, and that’s it. But the media plays that up and suddenly she’s this totally rebellious skater chick who goes against the grain and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Ok, so I may have Avril-envy, but can you blame me!? I’m not afraid to admit it, that chick has just about everything I want and I feel like I deserve it more than she does, but I’ll get that out of my head is just a few seconds… It’s doesn’t take long for me to realize that, well, dude, God thinks I’m totally rad and that’s enough, and maybe He’ll lead me into a place where I am admired and recognized for the things that I really CAN do! I’ll just pray and hope that those are the things He wants for me and that if they’re not, I will be happy no matter what. Ok, I think I’ve vented enough. Later all!

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