Welcome to Pityland. Population: 1

“One” trully is the loneliest number. I have no friends. The only one who will willingly hang out with me is my little brother, who is cool nonetheless and playing awesome Linkin Park riffs on a keyboard no bigger than the size of my right foot. However, he can’t count! The rest of my friends, the ones that are my own age and went to school with me have GONE! They have flown away and moved on with their really awesome lives! I, on the other hand, have made the promising desicion to remain home with the parents and the cool little brother for yet another year… Poo. Oh, how I desperately want to move out! I am so ready to be independent and on my own, it’s really not funny. I mean, don’t laugh or I’ll punch you, because it’s really that serious.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve really got to say right now. I feel like having a pity party in my room, alone, with nothing but my pillows to cradle my tear-soaked face. Good night, everyone…

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