Greatest day yesterday… Fantastic. Wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing. Indescribable. But I’ll try to elaborate anyway…

I woke up around 10:30 am and went to the bank to check my PayPal deposits. After which, I left for Marymoor Park where I’d see the Salukis (those dogs I mentioned a while back). They weren’t there yet, so I took off back home. I got back around 12:15 or so. I took care of the rest of my PayPal account and I am officially “open for business.” I checked my email and saw that I had received an email from a girl who was looking for a roommate at Her name was Kara and she lives in Mount Lake Terrace, about 30 or so minutes away from where I currently live. I called her up and asked if we could meet somewhere to talk about her place and to see if our personalities would “mesh” at all. She agreed and we made plans to meet around 5:30 pm at a local Starbuck’s.

Around 2:30, I left again for Marymoor Park in Redmond. I stopped at Eastside Dog and dropped off one of my paintings (an abstract portrait of a dog) for Sue to hang up and hopefully sell for me. After that, I took off for the park, where I met my mom. We walked around, talked to people, and saw a lot of really beautiful dogs. It was a dog show and it was apparent that these dogs are cared for and maintained more so than any human being I have ever known.

We left just before 5:00, giving me time to head back into town where I would meet Kara. I arrived on time and we talked for 30 minutes or so. She was a smaller girl of 20 years and liked telling me about how her parents “neglected” her growing up. She relied fully on her boyfriend (who apparently has an income of $250,000 a year at some tobacco company) and that she had moved to Washington in order to be with him.

“There may be a few nights where he’ll sleep over… Is that okay with you?”

I stare off dumbly as my eyes follow the words “sleep over” and I can only respond, “Sure.”

I walked her back to her car and agreed to come over to the apartment and see it for myself. Before she sat in her hatchback and sped off, she mentioned one thing, “Just so you know. You are like my ‘back up plan’ in case this girl who saw the place last night decides she doesn’t want it. Okay?”


I drove home.

I checked again for any emails. I had one. From a girl named Amy living in Kirkland. Originally, Kirkland was where I had wanted to go. Nice town, lots of jobs available, easy commute… It always seemed like a wonderful place to live. Kirkland gives me access to many things, including other towns. I always felt like Kirkland was the hub to all the surrounding cities I like to visit. It’s simply great.

So I called Amy and told her I was looking for an apartment. I had read her profile and she seemed like a totally rad chick and I think it’d be worth a shot to see if we could get along. She was the coolest girl to talk to on the phone. Totally laid back and easygoing. I liked her right away and had a great feeling in my gut about it. So much so that I deleted the directions that Kara had given me to the apartment in Mount Lake Terrace just after hanging up the phone with Amy.

So I drove the 10 minutes to Amy’s place, met her, and she gave me a tour of the apartment. It’s on the bottom floor, it has an excellent living room, two bedrooms, a storage room, and a shared bathroom. Perfect for two girls. Not to mention that Amy and I felt like we’d known each other for years. After she showed me around the place, we sat down on her sofa and watched a little TV. We talked about what we enjoy doing on nights when we don’t work (like lounging on the couch and watching a movie) and other things we do in our spare time. Amy loves to cook (this is great, because I hate cooking) and going on walks. I told her I love to write and really love to ride my bike whenever it’s not raining. What really affirmed the whole situation was when Amy’s friend Jenna (who was staying with her for a few days) came out and saw us together on the couch. She talked with us a bit and suddenly threw up her hands and said, “This is nuts! I wish I could take a picture! It’s like you guys have been roommating for years!”

After hugging Amy and telling her our prayers had been answered (another bonus–she’s a Christian), I left for home and laughed myself silly the entire way there.

I walked through the front door, saw my brother sitting at the kitchen counter, looked him in the face and said, “Life is wonderful!”

He stared for a moment and a smirk crawled across his face, “I take it you found an apartment.”

“Not just that! But a wickedly cool roommate named Amy!”

“Awesome, Car.”

“I know!” I said as I frolicked into my room, collapsing onto my bed in pure giddyness.

I was so excited, I had to tell someone else about the whole thing. So I got online and found Ryan there. I told him everything about it and he suggested we do something to celebrate! So we did! And from his house, he took me to Alki Beach (without telling me) and showed me a very secluded and hardly known place. It was quiet and lovely and very reflective. I’m definitely going there again someday. After Alki, Ryan took me to pick up some bubble tea (something I was craving for all day long) and after that, we went back to his place where he made me spinach ravioli, an egg roll, and corn-on-the-cob. It was all delicious and we stuffed ourselves as we watched “High Fidelity” on DVD.

Simply an amazing day and so incredibly fun. One thing after another, and it just kept getting better and better.

Oh yeah… And Kara? The girl I agreed to see her apartment? I called her and explained that my parents weren’t “cool with Mount Lake Terrace” and I told her I wanted to call because I didn’t want her to keep her hopes up. I think she was just as relieved as I was… So that was just a cherry to add to the top of my day.

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