Trying to find an apartment, let alone a roommate to go with it, has been one of the most challenging tasks I have ever faced. It would be extremely nice if I could move in with someone I know, but it looks as though I might have to move in with someone I’ve never met. I’m not entirely sure yet.

I have several options. I could a) find my own apartment and live on my own, b) find an apartment and then find my own roommate, c) find a roommate and then move into their apartment, d) find a roommate and then seek out an apartment together. I’m not sure which would be the best way to go. I’d really like to find out soon, though. Especially since I want to move out before the first week of September is up.

Do me a favor and pray about this, will you? I’m dead-set on moving out and it would be really nice if the whole process were… easier.


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