I have compiled a list of musical influences in my life that have caused me to develop the certain songwriting style I have today.

1. Nick Drake – writer of the song “Pink Moon,” the song I obsessed over for a year and a half before finally learning he wrote it. I’ve picked up on his sultry sound.

2. Switchfoot – I’ve been listening to them since I was 15 and Jon is lyrical genius.

3. Goo Goo Dolls – Johnny Rzeznik has the same attitude toward music as I do. Same drive to write a song unlike any he’s written before. Same self-consciousness and if you listen really closely, you’ll notice my voice is very similar to his emotionally.

4. Solas – Mom went to Irland when I was 12 and came back with a Solas album. Somehow, I became hooked on their Irish celtic sound and now own five of their albums. I still need their latest two. The biggest part of the band that has affected me is the female vocalist. Buy any one of their albums and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

5. Coldplay – Heard “Yellow” when I was 16 and loved it. Didn’t buy their CD Parachutes until I was 17 due to how everyone was so centralized on Christian music and the industry. Chris Martin has a way of transitioning from a low voice to a higher voice very smoothly. He, too, has the “sultry” influence I seem to have obtained.

6. Sarah McLachlan – I’ve been compared to her three times now and no one knows how happy that makes me feel.

If you can think of anyone else I sound like, comment away. But this isn’t necessarily about sounding like anyone. Above are artists that have had the biggest influences on my own musical style. I’m not trying to sound like any one of them, although I don’t mind being compared to any… Not in the least.

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