Money is an issue. I checked my account balance today. A total $403.45. Not a lot when you want to move out in September with a monthly rent of $375, plus utilities, electric, and miscellaneous expenses.

You should know (by now) that I am always thinking, planning, and formulating ideas. Two nights ago, I decided to check out the online flea market and see what’s selling. The back seat of my small Toyota is completely occupied with “leftovers” from the sad and pathetic garage sale I tried having a couple weeks back. I figured I might be able to sell some of those things online. I mean… Why not?

To my surprise, there is an item category that happens to sell like really good tasting cakes. People are selling them, others are bidding on them, and so the economic cycle continues…

Original paintings are being sold at a rapid pace on Ebay. Landscapes, watercolor flowers, abstracts. They have them all. And people want them.

So I’m doing just that. I’m selling original paintings online! I’ve done some research and I have the support of my parents. I believe this could be a very successful stratagem.

I never saw the Internet as so beautiful… until now.

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