I have a strong impression that if you work in retail, you will meet many classified “crazy” people who you never thought you’d live to see walking the streets. At least not without the straight-jackets.

I now have a much deeper understanding of how a diverse work history really helps the writer and his or her creative muse. If you spend a significant amount of time working in any of the following settings–office, store or shop, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, toy store, daycare center, vetinary hospital, or zoo–you will have no trouble writing out fascinating pieces of literature for years and years to come.

Because people are the funniest creatures known to the world.

I was working yesterday evening with one of my managers, Darla. We were nearing closing time. The store had quieted down and very seldomly, someone or a couple of someones would stroll in, have a look around, and then stroll back out. One particular came in and meandered around the store for the better half of an hour. They didn’t say much, simply stared at all corners of the store. They were young, possibly married or about to be married. They seemed nice and generally easy-going. The last thing I suspected from either of them was random questions no one has ever been asked before.

The man stopped walking, shoved his hands in his pockets and turned his head to me. “So,” he began everso casually, “I’ve been told that bulls’ penises can reach up to six to seven feet long. Have you heard that?”

My thoughts…

Who on earth starts a conversation with a question about bulls’ penises?


I’m not sure if you noticed… But this is a family store…

I was at a loss for words. Eventually, I had to say something, “I’m sorry?”

But Darla quickly jumped in. “Actually, no. I’ve never heard that before. The ones we have are only about three to four feet.”

My mouth hung ajar. I stared at Darla out of the corner of my eye and while the man was explaining where he had heard about the length of a bull’s… yeah… I whispered to Darla, “Bull’s penis?”

She whispered back, “The bully sticks.”

The bully sticks. The ultimate doggy chew treat recommended by all dog-lovers. What I thought was something manufactured and created with multiple ingredients turns out to be a dried out bull’s whang.

And now I wash my hands each time I ring up one of those “tasty” edible… delicacies…

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