I dressed my best and looked fabulous as I walked into Totem Lake’s Washington Mutual, resume in hand. I felt great.

“Hello! My name is Carly Bishop and I read in The Seattle Times that your branch is looking for a new teller.”

“…Are we?” A young man about two or three years older than me looked over his shoulder, “Jane? Hey, Jane?” He looked back at me and pointed in the direction where Jane stood.

Jane looked at me, smiled and asked, “How can I help you?”

“Hi! My name is Carly and I read in the newspaper that you are looking for a teller?”

“Yes, we are! Part-time?”


“Great! What we need you to do is go to our webpage and submit your resume to us online. It’ll ask you to indicate which branch you’re applying for, and you simply say Kirkland. That information will be forwarded to us and then we contact you.”

I like Jane.

“Excellent! I can do that! Thanks so much for your help!”

“Any time! What was your name again?”

Stretching my hand across the counter, “My name is Carly Bishop.”

Taking my hand and smiling, “I’m Jane.”

“It is great to meet you,” I’m totally schmoozing at this point, but I could care less.

So I came back home, submitted my resume and filled out a little questionaire and what’s done is done! Now, I simply wait… So please keep praying! I need this more than anyone could know.

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