New Living Conditions

I have a bed! My bed is finally together and working and I’m going to have to sleep on it tonight, however, I will definetely miss my green cot–we’ve shared very few nights together but they have all been special… loud, but special…

Stephanie came to sleep over on Friday night and it was awesome because the next morning, neither of us had anything to do! For the first time ever, we actually woke up and did something afterwards. Neither one of us had to leave! It was awesome! Although, the most exciting moment during the whole thing was Friday night when we rushed to Target to look at comforters and sheets and the like for my new bed! Target is having this huge deal for dorm rooms and so they had a bunch of different patterns for beds to choose from. They had little girly patters with pink and orange-reddish plaid and I didn’t like those much. They had others that were sporty and had letterman’s letters all over them to give that whole… Superbowlish feeling… I didn’t like that much either. But, dude! Then I saw it! A pattern that totally called my name! Stars! On a rich blue comforter! And the sheets looked so vintage! I knew I had to have them. There were other cool ones too, they weren’t all bad, but Steph affirmed that the stars would be the best because perhaps, it would foretell my future “stardome.” I bought them immediately, 15 minutes before Target locked its doors.

NO MORE FLORAL PATTERNS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sick of flowers… I wish I could vomit on command, but the aftertaste isn’t worth it.

Perhaps, if I have the time, I will take a picture of my new bed and reveal to all. My new sleeping quarters cannot be unseen! Anyways, I’m off to my room. I’m in for some new weight training tips happily given to me by Leah and some music making with my good friend, guitar. Good night, everyone! Sleep well!


PS. We go to the zoo soon–I wish to see the flamingos.

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