Dude, ok! So I went to Creation Fest West 2002 and it was the most fun time I have ever had in all the four years that I have gone! It was amazing because, (1) it was NOT a church function and (2) my friends from bible study became even closer knit together than we were before. It was so fantastic because the festival had an added day. Wednesday night, the day we arrived, there was a concert and a speaker and worship and just cool stuff. It was way rad and it made the week seem even longer because, well, technically… it was!

So, the next morning of the festival we met these two really cool guys named Alex and Nathan and they were so awesome! It was as though Alex and Nathan had become apart of the group–as if they had come up with us and were as equally apart of the group as anyone else. These two guys were so amazing and so fun and I enjoyed their friendship sooo much.

Tonight, I was talking with Erin on the phone and I mentioned them and she said, “We found some keepers, Carly,” and she could not have said anything more true. We got their email addies and I am looking forward to continued communication with them because they are simply so cool and so funny and I could go on and on… I mean, if they knew I was writing this about them, I am sure their heads would pop!

On the second night, really late, “we” got together to have an important discussion– it was an awesome talk that lasted a long while and we ended up learning even more about each other and feeling more like sisters in the body of Christ than how we had before. We also prayed for the boys’ safe-keeping in God’s Spirit and for their continued friendship and for ourselves–that we could be the best for them, in terms of being Christian girls. They’re just so rad! I miss them so much already! I have’t stopped missing them since we drove away from our camp.

I am already looking forward to next summer. One week before Creation, Leah had started a countdown on the whiteboard I have on my wall. “7 days left till Creation… 6 days left till Creation… 5 days left…” and so on. So when I got back today, I replaced the number “0” with “365” and I hope to continue the countdown all year. I really hope that we will get to see Alex and Nathan before next summer. When we were leaving the campsite this morning, I got in the driver’s seat and I thought, Wow, I already know how much I am going to miss them… And it’s going to be surprisingly hard. All day today I was thinking about them and how much I’d like to be able to see them again… But they live in Oregon and not close to the Washington border, either. In fact, they are on the completely other side of it. However, I think the communication will continue because we all agreed that we didn’t want to stop this amazing bond that occurred so quickly at this incredible festival.

So, I am done. I hope that catches everyone up-to-date. Things are going well at home. I am getting ready for another year of Cascadia Community College and I’m not really looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to getting it over with. I am going to try very hard to get be done with all of my schooling by the time I am 20 years old. I really don’t want to be 23 years old and still be in school. In fact, Creation has reignited my desire to become a lead guitarist. Lets just say that I took my acoustic to the festival for my own personal entertainment but I was in for a lot more than I expected, which included a lot of encouragement to pursue it as a real possible career. WOW! I am excited to see Rick and tell him what people told me at the Gorge, which were all good things. Maybe, just maybe, in a few years, I’ll be on one of the stages during the festival… … … oh… how a girl can dream.

Good night! God bless! Have peace! And remember, Jesus loves you and your mom!!!


*jeffersonair would like to thank the passengers for their amazing patience… You will all receive a complimentary mint at the end of the flight.*

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