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A beautiful day in Seattle; the start of a wonderful evening.

I decided the best idea would be to scare the pigeons… So I did. Thoroughly.

We rode on an indoor carousel! It was incredibly fun for something so simple as moving up and down for a period of three minutes.

This is a jaw bone of a sperm whale, but I just wanted to say that I feel bad that a whale has to be named after sperm…

Leah met a Christian clown who has a ministry and specializes in the art of inflatable expression.

We watched an elderly couple chase each other with around a fountain, flinging bottled water at each other and teasing each other wildly.

We met “Bud” and bought his friendship with the crust of Sarah’s PB&J sandwich.

I thought this sign was funny…

Our view from the ferry…

Gazing back at the water…

They’re on their prom…

Here we all are waiting for Switchfoot to start playing.

Switchfoot is great simply because it’s Switchfoot.

These kids started moshing and I laughed at them a lot.

Sarah took this picture of Jerome. He’s totally workin’ those keys.

Yes, that’s Austin and he really IS having a good time.

They just never stop being cool…

And Jon is such the rock star…

…especially when he sings “this is your life” into his guitar.

These girls think I’m taking a picture of them, but the only real thing I care about is the face that which is encircled. Hi, Erin.

Great show, boys. Great show. Into the night, as the sky became darker and darker, you kids just shone brighter and brighter.

The poor WRX got a flat tire on the way back home.

Aww, Trav… Sorry, man!

It’s true. We thought the whole thing was pretty entertaining…

Yay for flat tires!

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