Blogger was interesting to begin with. Austin was the one who introduced it to me and I know for a fact he’s very proud of this. He has preached the gospel of Blogger to countless people and I’m amazed at how many Blogger followers now exist within the core of whatever “circle of friends” we are part of.

When I started my own personal blog back in November of 2001, I didn’t really have any sort of goal. I simply ranted aimlessly about nonsense and wondered if anyone besides Leah actually read it. I loved it though because when I was little and kept a diary, I always wished someone could actually read it and treat the information with absolute delicacy. Blogger allowed that wish to come true.

By some amazing mishap, I came across Jason’s blog and several things occurred to me. 1) I loved his writing. 2) I wanted to write like him. 3) He had a function called “comments” that I’d never known existed. 4) My blog was pointless. 5) I became driven to improve as a writer. After that, things changed and I’m sure for the better. Before, I rambled stupidly and never felt accomplished for anything I ever wrote. There are still times when I feel as though I’m writing in vain–readers often miss the point or I don’t really “capture” a reader in the same way so many of my mentors do.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this all out now or if it even matters. I just know there are reasons and whether they’re good or bad has nothing to do with it. Therefore, I write.

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