Nothing’s happened with the job search. I haven’t heard back from any of the places I’ve applied for… I talked about it with Ryan and Leah on Tuesday night. We’re all in need of a job. We all desire a regular paycheck.

However, I think a solution may have provided itself this afternoon. My sister and brother-in-law have been working every summer at Willows Run, a golf course and a restaurant. Solomon (my sister’s husband) did such a wonderful job last summer that they’ve promoted him to manager this year. He’s able to hire people. He happens to have a spot open in the snack and beverage shack located on the green. The people who have been working there have been stealing from him. Candy, money, golf balls. The girls in there can’t keep their sticky fingers off the stuff. Solomon can’t trust them anymore. He wants to hire me. Because… Well… What need have I for golf balls? None whatsoever.

I guess I’ve reached my last resort. Not that it’s my “worst” option. In fact, I think it is quite possibly the best one I’ve had thus far. Basically, I’m at my wit’s end. What’s a “wit”? I’m not sure… But I’m sure we all have one.

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