I’m going to CRU tonight. I haven’t been there in weeks. I’m actually nervous. Just a bit. Because I’m wondering about the varying looks that will be sent my way all evening.

Of course, there’s also the inevitable arm around my shoulder and the just-under-a-whisper, “Hey… You doin’ ok?” And the automatic response, “Yeah. I’m good.” Followed by, “You sure?” which is quickly cut off by, “Yes. I’m good.” Nodding heads all around.

All in all, it will be genuinely wonderful seeing everyone. I’ve missed them all. Homework has become my closest friend recently, but I’ve got to admit–homework isn’t exactly a loyal dependent.

After tonight’s festivities, Ryan, some of his buddies, and I are heading to the town movie theater to see the midnight showing of The Matrix: Reloaded… I really hope the movie owns up to all the hype that’s been hovering around it these last few months. No doubt it will.

I should mention yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Leah, Sarah, Karen and I hooked up to play frisbee at a nice park near Karen’s home. From which, we proceeded to find the nearest Big Toy and utterly abuse the slide. It was the slickest slide I’ve ever experienced. There was one time when the slide defeated me. I had tried surfing down… Unfortunately, the slide’s invisible and tricky hands grasped my ankles and sent me flying. I landed rather awkwardly, one of the side-railings pressing viciously into the center of my back. It got me once, but it wouldn’t get me again. I surfed down about three times again after that. Very successful. End score: Carly – 6, Slide – 1. I came, I slid, I conquered.

Sometime amidst the frisbee-throwing and the surf-sliding, Ryan gave us a shout. He invited us to join a group of kids at Gas Works Park in Seattle for a smallish worship service lead by the infamous eyeball-licking Jon Johnson. I had always wanted to go to Gas Works Park and I was really glad to have gone. Once there, I fell into a somewhat sultry-mood and didn’t talk much. Of course, people noticed. That was not my intent. However, I dissuaded any conversation about what was up because I honestly didn’t know what was going on. It came down to one word: overwhelmed. Lots of things going on at the moment. Especially with school, looking for a job, figuring out what I want to do after the summer’s over, and guy-crap. During the actual service, I couldn’t even bring myself to sing most of the time. It didn’t feel appropriate, but by the end of it, I was starting to release my pipes and it became a semi-release of everything that was bothering me. It felt good.

Well! Ryan has arrived! We’re off to CRU! Wish me luck!

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