Ryan is home! I met him and his dad at the airport. Unlike the last pick-up, instead of a royal blue “Superman” shirt, he wore a bright orange “Mr. T” shirt with the infamous quote, “I pity the fool!” across the chest. From the airport, we went to Pikeplace Market in Seattle and Ryan bought what he’s been craving for months–Chinese humboughs. Soft pastries filled with whatever meat you prefer. I refrained from one, but I was very happy to partake in a large cup of bubble tea from the Japanese drink-shop, Pochi’s, on University Ave. Bubble tea is an icey-drink with tiny tapioca balls located at the bottom. Most people don’t like them, claiming, “It’s like eating an eyeball!” Trust me. They don’t know what they’re saying.

Can I just say that Ryan’s dad is the best? He gave me money for gas and for lunch when we were at the airport AND he called me later to ask if I would be interested in dog-sitting for $15 a day. Real laid back, take him out in the morning for a walk and once again at night. That’s all. Yeah… I think I can do that. The dog is an adorable boxer named Harley. The fact that they named him Harley is enough for me.

My parents left this morning for Cannon Beach in Oregon. They’ll be gone until Monday. Need I say more? Basically, they’ve been in great need of a break from everything and I am extremely happy for them. They took one of our dogs, Moose, and my sister’s dog Rudy. We haven’t had “just two dogs” in the house since the beginning of time. Seriously, I can’t remember when it was. Normally, there’s a herd of them in the house. Right now, Boomer and Betty are the only canines I have to deal with and for the most part, they just sleep. Excellent.

I’m still housesitting. I’ll be finished on Sunday. I still have to write up my resume and go to the Home Depot. I think I may wait on that until I find out what happens with the Seahawks office. As far as I’m concerned, money just keeps making its way into my hands. Praise God, because it’s like I don’t even have to try all that hard. He just provides. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be since I fully trust Him with my finances. Well, not fully… But at least He can see that I’m trying to.

Started running again. Susan has a treadmill. How I love those machines. I really do. If the right music is playing, I could probably go on one of those things for two hours. I fall into a rhythm that seems too good to give up after an hour. It’s at that point that I come to understand Forest Gump’s character when he “just kept run-nin’.” I mean, why stop? I have a goal for September. To be two to three sizes smaller than I am now. And I really want it. And I want it for me. And I think that’s the right place to start.

Ok… I think I’m done for the day.

“In case I don’t see you–good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!” – Jim Carrey, “The Truman Show”

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