The espresso place is no longer hiring. They weren’t able to get the other stand located in a nearby town. Therefore, they can’t hire anyone at the present time and will not know for another month whether or not they’ll have another coffee spot.


However, there is another cafe place located in the local Home Depot. They are hiring. Not to mention, they are closer to town and closer to my school. I’ve decided to write up a resume (the best I can come up with) and head in that direction. We’ll see what happens! I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Tuesday, Leah and I got “dolled up” and went to the Seahawks office located in Kirkland. Unfortunately, we weren’t I wasn’t able to make as strong an impression as we I had hoped. Leah got called back. I did not. However, Susan, wife of Vice President of the Seahawks Company and the woman I babysit for, has a strong voice in that office. I figure she can help me out. Oh, the advantages of knowing people in high places.

School is going really well. For a number of reasons. First off, I’m only taking 11 credits right now. I dropped that cinema course at the beginning of the quarter and I’m about to drop my 1-credit business in technology (BIT) course, which is digital imaging. It’s pointless. Digital imaging, itself, is a wonderful thing, but the class I’m enrolled in is pathetic. I have better use of my time. I am sure I can take the same course and get a lot more out of it from another school. So that’s exactly how I have it planned. Other things that make school great are how I’m turning in excellent work, studying well, and schmoozing my profs. They love me, what can I say? My environmental studies prof took some warming up, but I think I’ve got her to where it doesn’t matter what I turn in–it’ll score well.

Ryan comes home tomorrow morning! He’s probably on the plane this very minute! Sleeping! Dreaming! Of evergreen trees and “scrumptious bubble tea!” I’m going to pick him up tomorrow at the airport, from which we’ll go have lunch somewhere and then to wherever he desires to go. I’m looking forward to seeing him. I don’t think it’s all too well known that he and I were “at each other’s throats” not too long ago… But we were. He knows it. I know it. We’re over it now. We’re just all that much stronger as buddies.

Life is returning back to its original familiarity. All my friends will be around. I’ll probably go out with at least one of them everyday. Ultimate frisbee games, concerts, bike rides, midnight walks around the neighborhood, and long talks will become religious practice. I’ll continue to take summer classes at Cascadia and go out to lunch with friends whenever I don’t have class. It will literally become “like old times” and I strongly believe it’ll bring me out of this funk I’ve been in as of late. However, while it brings me out of that funk, I’ll be working at weaning myself from everything and everyone. Because I know that once summer is over, and all my friends have gone back to school, I’ll have to be fully prepared to leave and go wherever it is I end up going. Pack my bag, grab my guitar, and hoof it out of Washington.

And just go…

I rather enjoy not knowing. To go and have absolutely no clue as to what the outcome may be. To have no control. To know nothing. But to have faith. Yeah… That’s how I like it.

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. Hebrews 11:1

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