Joing my Church’s Mission was an Enlightening Experience

Well, I went to my church “Welcome” class and it was tons of fun. It was kinda interesting, because the only people who signed up were three women/girls, (I am the girl), and we were all at different stages of life. I was the single-childless-still-in-school girl. The second was a married-with-two-young-children-starting-a-career woman. And the third was a divorced-grandmother-who-just-started-coming-to-church-in-April lady. It was very cool to hear all the percpectives about God and stuff, along with chatting it up with Pastors Greg and Dwayne, two way cool guys. I felt really good about what I was doing and Pastor Greg was really impressed with what I had to say. “Very nice comments,” he said to me afterward. I’ll be perfectly honest with you–all through elementary school and most of junior high, I was all about getting compliments and seeking praise from other people. I loved it! It was my favorite thing; to get compliments from people, especially guys, life could not get any better. But, recently, like at the end of ninth grade, I began to really change. I dunno what happened, but now, when someone compliments me, I can’t really say anything. I go blank. I just look at them and desperately try to think of something else to say so that I can change the subject! How weird is that? So when Pastor Greg commended me for the things that I said, all I could reply was a shy chuckle and the word, “yeah…” It’s like I can’t say thank you anymore because I feel like whatever they are praising me for is false and couldn’t possibly be real. They must be trying to be nice or something…That’s what often goes through my head.

But yeah, once again, I am ranting and I am trying to think of cool things to say, but failing miserably. School tomorrow. How exciting! Yet unfortunate because I can’t hang out with my friend after first period at the high school. I gotta go straight to college afterward, but that’s cool because I really like the class that I go to–Writing Short Stories. Fun, right? It really is, and the first story I wrote was liked very much by my workshop classmates. They were very supportive.

So, anyways, I should probably go. I am having kinda a mellow day today and I am starting to enjoy blogger again. For a while, I didn’t really enjoy it so much, but now, I am “digging” it. Cool deal…


*intercom static… more intercom static…*

*Captian blows a rasberry into the microphone*


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