Spider-man Rules!

Wow… I went to see Spider-man tonight with my little brother and it was amazing! I loved it! Of course, I could go without the bad guy, but then where would all the conflict go? But this movie had everything that satisfied my movie-going tastebuds. It had extreme action, unlike and far better than any batman/superman lover enjoys. The character he played was respectable and absolutely fun! Then of course, it had just the right amount of romance/intimacy. I don’t like movies that have intense love scenes because I think it promotes immoral standards. Why are so many people, younger and younger in age, getting STD’s, not to mention, broken hearts and babies?! I know, I’m the serious conservative, but I am proud of it. So yeah, basically, he just kisses her. Simple as that. He kisses the girl, and it was enough. I don’t see anything wrong with holding hands or some kissing. (Making out is yet another matter.) But to kiss and go? What’s more romantic than that? Of course, there is always a down side. After seeing a made-up character do all these amazing things and the way he goes about winning the girl’s heart over makes me wish that sort of thing would happen to me. Of course, I know a man that shoots spider-web from his wrists and wears funky looking spandex isn’t exactly going to swoop through my window and leave me speechless. But the fact that he kissed her was enough for me to become all ooey-gooey inside and wish I was with somebody else, rather than my little brother who constantly interrupts my movie-watching experience with the words “the end” at all the wrong points of the movie.

All in all, it was awesome, and I really wanna see it again! It was really cool! Superman and Batman, but maybe not the X-Men, cannot compare to the story of Spider-man.

Peace, everyone.

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