Unsatisfied. I am very unsatisfied with everything. And the more I think about things I could do, the more unsatisfied I become with them. Instead of being fickle, I’m just too good for anything. Rather, nothing is good enough for me. Label me whatever you like, it’s the plain and simple truth. At school. At home. With family. With friends. I’m unsatisfied with it all. They’re all good and I enjoy them for what they are now, but that doesn’t make them any more satisfying. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that no one thing and no one person will ever fulfill me. Even God, Himself, makes it so that He can never be fully attained. While I love Him and desire Him with every fiber of my being, He will never satisfy the relationship we have until the moment I die or a few moments after. To be perfectly honest, it ticks me off a bit. Because with my “I can’t get no satisfaction” attitude comes a persistent question: What am I supposed to do? And still, I know nothing. I am never quite at peace with my life and that aggravates me to no end. I guess I’m still just longing for things, big and small, to change. And I find myself growing quite impatient.

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