This morning, on the Today Show, this woman, her dog, and her veteranarian were being interviewed.

Define resilience:

The woman’s dog, named Doshey, was let out one morning so she could do her “business.” After about 10 minutes, the woman went out to call her dog back out only to discover a chaotic scene not too far away. Doshey, her beloved, had been hit by a fairly large truck. A police officer was nearby and saw what had happened. After examining Doshey and assessing her condition based soley on his own understanding, he decides to put Doshey “out of her misery” and shoot her. From about five feet away, he puts one bullet through her head and calls it good. The woman, now arriving to the scene, exclaims, “Why did you shoot my dog?! We could have taken her to the hospital!” In reply, the police officer says, “We didn’t have that kind of time.” Doshey, a boxer-type dog, lay limp on the street until a group came to haul her away. She was taken to the nearest animal hospital where she was quickly declared “dead” and placed in a, excuse the pun, doggie-bag. Her body, in the bag, was placed inside… the freezer. Basically, the doggie-morgue. About two hours later, one of the vets opened Doshey’s door and to her surprise, found Doshey sitting upright from within the bag!

Let’s re-cap!

1. Hit by a truck.

2. Shot through the head (apparently not well).

3. Placed in a freezer for two hours.

Reporter: “What do you expect from Doshey now that she’s on the mend?”

Veteranarian: “We expect a full recovery.”

I wish it were that way with my cat. The infamous, plotting, devious, German-accented, gray feline–Derby. May she fly in heavenly space, plotting my family’s demise throughout eternal bliss.

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