Have you ever found yourself worrying about something for no particular reason? Nothing has tipped you off. You haven’t heard any bad news. It’s just like if you’d had a dream one night, could have been good or bad, and then about two days later something happens in your life that makes you say, “That’s weird… I had a dream about that just a couple nights ago…” Mere coincidence? Maybe. Devine intuition? Maybe. I never quite know what to think whenever it happens to me… Right now, I’m just a tad bit aggravated, because I’d like to think about something else. I’d like to bring my focus back to where I am right now, but a certain someone won’t leave my mind and I’m starting to think there’s a reason why, but no one’s told me it yet.

On a better note! I got my paper done and sent it to my online prof. Hopefully, it meets her requirements. She wasn’t too clear as to what those were, so I gave it my best shot.

Oh yeah! And even better news! Clay is still in the running on American Idol… I realize that’s rather shallow and vain… But what can I say? I just think Clay is a gangly version of Superman.

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