I just did an extreme amount of research in a very short amount of time. Just shy of three hours and I think I am now intellectually prepared to write a paper dedicated to a somewhat engaging subject–the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park. However, despite how I’ve researched and kept track of my sources, and though it be true that I love writing almost as much as I love to breathe… I still don’t want to write this paper. Why? Because let’s face it. Research papers are not fun to write. They require no real sense of creativity or style or voice. It simply wants facts taken from other sources to support a thesis, which in most cases is very boring and/or trite. For this reason, I believe I would never do well as a journalist. I’m not interested in the facts. I’m not interested in who won what court case or who wants an appeal. I simply like people and I enjoy the stories they have to tell.

But who wants to hire someone who writes stories about herself and/or the people she comes across? Who would pay me to have fun?

“You enjoy this work? You enjoy writing about yourself and the people around you? Very good. Here’s your weekly paycheck for a rather large sum of money.”

That would be too wonderful to be true. Don’t you agree?

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