What’s up? I’m here chilling in the computer section at my community college and I am mass bored! I got kicked out of my Writing Short Stories class because I didn’t read last night’s homework. It was really stupid of me, I know, but I forgot. I was busy hanging out with some friends at a park. I played football and I made two touchdowns, (go me!), and this morning, I was so sore from the game last night that I had difficulties lifting my leg up to put it on the break peddle in my car! I was very sore. But at least I made two touchdowns! Against a giant group of guys too! It was great! I was fierce!

There is a great word: Fierce. Wow. I need to start using that more often.

Can you tell that I am in a very funky mood? I am trying to cheer myself up for being kicked out of class. The things is, I really like that class and I feel like it’s going to greatly effect my future major, which is likely Screenwriting, and to get kicked out for something as silly as “not reading the story” kinda bums me out. Leah, my bestest friend, did read the homework and she is in there now, without me, with the remainder of the class that didn’t get kicked out which adds up to about 10-12 people out of a 30 or so people in the class total. I am glad that I was not the only one who got dismissed from class. However, not doing the homework, and looking like a fool, isn’t exactly the best way to promote Christ and what He stands for. I gotta start doing better.

Starting today, May 1, I am going on a TV fast. I made that committment at Aquire the Fire this last weekend. Ron Luce, the host, made me realize how much little time the average Christian actually spends diving into God’s Word, seeking to further their relationship with Him, and how much more time the average Christian spends soaking up the TV and letting the world’s media raise them the way the world wants to see them raised. We need to be different. As Christians, we are not apart of this world, but instead, members of God’s Kingdom, and therefore, should not adore worldly things or comfort ourselves with worldly desires. Instead, as Christians that trully want to follow God, we much remind each other that this world is only the Waiting Room for what is to come! Nothing here will ever last and nothing here will we ever be able to take with us into the Gates of Heaven, so why care? I’m not saying become a slug! Far from it–I just think that we need to force God into slot # 1 on our priority lists, then, everything else won’t be as life-consuming or mind-deteriorating. Aquire the Fire was a very good thing for many of the people who went this year. I honestly hope that the majority of people who went down for the alter call were genuinely seeking Christ in their lives. I ask God to bless them and lead them down the right path.

Anyways, I realize I don’t write as often, and maybe it’s because my life hasn’t really been particularly interesting recently. However, I am still here, and I will try to write more often, (especially more than once a month), and I hope all your lives are God-centered and Jesus-loving and I pray that God will keep you all safe.


End transmission.

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