What a crazy day I’ve had. I spent the whole day at my high school, which, for me, is very odd because the only class I have there is first period! I just didn’t wanna go home and sit in my living room thinking about all the possible things that I could do when I already had the opportunity to hang out with a really great new person I’ve recently met! Then again, I gotta consider myself pretty lucky, because basically, I get to have a three-day-weekend every week. So, really, I shouldn’t complain about how BORED I get when I have tons of time to use however I want to use them!

Anyways, it really was a great day and I was reminded how much God loves all His children and blesses them with new friendships so often. It’s been a great way to start my weekend, but now, I’m looking forward to what happens when Monday comes back around.

So, world, stay safe out there and may God bless you like He has done for me! Be good!


End transmission.

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