I have been writing all morning long in notebooks. I feel very productive. Writing keeps my mind occupied during those times of boring lectures and discussions about politics, history, and the evil that is commonly associated with the “white man”.

Cinema 211, World Film, is taught by a man who has very strong opinions, most of which are all about himself and where he stands concerning the “issues” of the world. That’s fine. I respect that. But I also don’t have to listen to it. Especially since I walked into class today wanting to learn about film and the different aspects of film, but I left knowing nothing about it. Rather, all I knew was how much this particular prof hates the NRA and disagrees with America as a whole. He said we’re not humans and that we’re all animals and we congregate in herds… Film related? I couldn’t make the connection.

Anyhow… I’ve decided to drop the course and take something less… ridiculous? Like ART maybe, which is more of an independent course. Group work always frustrated me. Because usually, I will take on the leadership role, whether I volunteer to or feel obligated due to my other classmates’ lack of enthusiasm. Independent work means I only have to rely on myself. If I fail myself, there’s no one to get frustrated with but myself. And I can deal with that just fine.

I’m trying to figure out what I want to do. In general. Basically, I’d like to know what course my life will take after I’m finished with my degree at Cascadia. The last couple nights have been overwhelming because of all the “figuring out” I’ve been trying to accomplish. To no avail. However, today, I started compiling a list of smaller things/aspects that will hopefully help me to determine an overall result.

That list is the following:

1. Get a job.

2. Finish with Cascadia.

3. Move out.

4. Take a year off.

5. Write.

6. Play music.

7. Travel.

8. Meet people.

So… Those are the things I know are the right things to do. However, I can’t quite sum it up in one ultimate goal. Not just yet. However, that’s not up to me. God will provide the answer. He only requires patience on my part.

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