Had to get this down really quick because it makes me laugh.

Psychology 101 is great. I like it a lot. It’s interesting. The prof seems nice and she’s really young, which kind of makes things easier because she doesn’t seem like this on-high authority. Did I ever talk about Awesome Brandon from my drama class? I’m going to have to check back, because if I neglected Awesome Brandon… I apologize to you all.

Awesome Brandon, a Tom Cruise look-alike, was in my drama class last quarter and we hit it off straight away. Very laid back. Very easy-going. Very comfortable in his own skin. Before I left for California, he was the one person I returned for my drama class for. I wanted to say “goodbye” because I knew I would hardly see him around campus and I wasn’t sure about the likelihood of us having another class together.

So I walked into class this morning and who do I see?

Awesome Brandon.

His reaction upon seeing me?

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” with a huge smile.

So, we’re sitting there at this table, grouped with about three others. One of them is a guy named Ryan and we, as a group, are asked to come up with some reasonable guidelines for the classroom. Rules and limitations, if you will.

Awesome Brandon is great at taking charge.

“Alright, I’ll write them down as we come up with them. Cool? Ok. How about… ‘Come prepared to class?'”

We all nod in agreement. But Ryan…

Ryan laughs similar to that of Butthead, “How about… When we sleep, we can’t snore?”

Long pause amongst us all…

He continued, “Or! Or! How about?? How about?? When you bring drugs, bring enough for everyone?!”

I think he might be high… Because about five minutes ago, his eyes rolled up in the back of his head and he had a big grin on his face. Maybe he just really enjoys psychology?

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