If it were up to me, eating as much food as you wanted would be the main cause for weight-LOSS! But, that is why God is in charge of all that stuff… Because if I were in charge, the whole world would have never even began because I would have used too much Elmer’s glue and plexi-glass. Too bad though, I would have liked to see what my version of the world would be like.

Anyways, I leave for Florida next Friday. I am totally pumped! I am going shopping tomorrow for some nice shorts and Tshirts to wear for when I get TAN! Yes! A tan person in the Northwest! And it’s not a fake tan either! It’s real! Who would have thought it? It snowed the past couple of days and it was a lot of fun because it’s March, and everyone else in the world is thinking, Snow in March? You must be joking. Not quite. And now it looks as though the sun shall reappear… I was coming out of the grocery store today and I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds– the gray kind that are about to heave a load of rain down — and I thought to myself, I really like it when it’s cloudy… It makes me feel so safe… I dunno why… I think after living here for a coupla years shy of a decade, you become fond of the clouds and the rain.

God makes all kinds of people, and all kinds of weather to fit their preferences. So if you don’t like it, get out– find the weather that suits you.

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