I feel so badly about ignoring Evan all this time. I mean, to be perfectly honest, it felt good for a while. I thought that I was paying him back… For what? I can’t even think of it now… I don’t even know if there ever was something that he did that caused me to be so cruel to him. It still bothers me that he doesn’t come up to me and ask, “What’s wrong? Why are you being such a brat?” I’d love it if he did that. Then I’d know he still knew I existed! But still, I know that the way I have been behaving has absolutely NOT been “what Jesus would do.” So… I am going to try my hardest to make amends with him tomorrow. Before the weekend begins…

But, besides Evan, another sad thing has occurred in my life. My ART teacher, Mrs. Saad, has left. She is officially gone as of today and we all cried, and laughed, and shared a slice of cake and punch, but I knew that inside my chest, my heart was breaking. I couldn’t even speak. How can she leave? We love her so much here. Too much… She’s kicking off her retirement with a trip to Mexico– I’m so happy for her. I know she’ll bargain with the basket weavers and hunt for cheap pieces of art and pottery that she will try to replicate when she gets home. She treasures the most odd things, especially the things she buys at garage sales, because she knows that at one point in time, that something was precious to somebody else… So precious that they actually spent money for the thing. That’s the Mrs. Saad outlook on life: All things, living and nonliving, is beautiful in one way or another. Wow, I’m going to miss her. She brought out the most beautiful side in me. She brought out the best of my work. She helped create a better me.

I love Mrs. Saad. And I told her so. On her “Good-bye” card, I wrote that God loved her and that I did too. Then I hugged her and told her that things would not be the same without her and that I did not see myself doing nearly as good of artwork as when she was my teacher. She told me otherwise, as I expected her to do… And that’s why I love her.

carly bishop.

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