“I’m going to Hawaii in 12 hours,” she giggles.

“I’m going to Sacremento in two weeks,” he pipes.

“I’m going to Aspen for a week,” he smirks.

If you dwell in the Open Learning Center at school, you’ll get to hear everyone brag about the various places they’re going.

And in my head, I join the conversation, “I’m going to San Luis Obispo. I’m taking the train. In. Your. Face.” Because I know that where I’m going is for far better reasons than theirs.

“I’m gonna hit Maui. I love my new bikini.”

“Yeah, I might go to San Diego too. Pick up some rays.”

“Dude, I just wanna get drunk.”

And then there’s me… “I’m going because I’ve always wanted to ride on a train. I hear they got good food.”

I’m such the party animal.

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