I love my family. They give me joy, they give me laughter. They back me up, they support me, they encourage me. They give me advice, they listen to me. They are everything anyone could ask for in a family.

And they drive me out out of my mind.

Which is why I’m not staying home. Which is why I’m not going to Canada. Well, maybe not Canada. However, because they make me “crazy go nuts,” I have decided not to remain where I currently reside. In that little house on the dog prairie. Not staying.

I’ve got some friends down south. A certain two kids in Oregon who I have been longing to see the second I saw their car pull away from our campsite last July…

Alex and Nathan, do you have any idea how bad I miss you?

Some really awesome kids in California who I’ve been dying to see (meet?).

Brian, Josh, Alissa, Preston! Could be any day now, kids!

Although, I am really sad I won’t see Ryan for yet another five to six weeks. I missed the boy terribly since he left in January. I was looking forward to looking up at him at the airport. And being mashed by his incredibly long arms. I promise, Ryan, as soon as you see me, you have my full permission to mess up my hair as bad you like. Just do it. I want you to. I won’t get mad. I promise, I won’t. I owe you that much.

Alright… Will write more later. I’ll give more details. Right now, I… uh… gotta… uh… call somebody. Yeah.

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