I just got back from my guitar lesson. Things went fairly well, considering I didn’t cry after I left. Rick wants to help me prepare for BOTB in March, so I am happy about that. Speaking of BOTB, Austin and I talked to Shaun O, (who Jon referred us to), and he is the one heading up BOTB. Turns out he is a good friend of Austin’s and Sarah’s. I have seen him before in the band hallway. He is a big dude with a beard and he’s an amazing guitarist. He’s kinda weird, but interesting all the same. Anyways, we told him about my whole March/FloridaTrip dilemma and he totally sympathized. I asked him if it was possible and he said, “I don’t see why not. March 29th is a halfday. I like have BOTB on a halfday. You’ll be back by then?” I say, “YES! I’ll be back on the 23rd! That’ll even give us time to rehearse!” He says, “Yeah. I just gotta make sure nothing is happening in the auditorium that day.” Fantastic! Just perfect! My prayers have been halfway answered. Thank You, GOD! Thank You, JESUS! Just hope and pray now that the auditorium is available… I don’t wanna even begin to doubt.

I wanted to BLOG this because I think it’s necessary to post the good things, the relieving things, as well as all the stressful, frustrating things. I hope this is the beginning of an awesome good-things-are-happening-to-me-and-my-friends streak. Anyways, go BLOG!

*intercom static.. .. .. Captain doesn’t realize the speaker is on.. .. .. ..*

“Is that a thunderstorm up ahead?!”

Every jeffersonairplane staff member and passenger gasps in horrified dispair.

“.. O, nope. Nope. My mistake. Clear blue skies with cute, white fluffy clouds.”

Every jeffersonairplane staff member and passenger releases their breath and closes their eyes. One flight attended faints because of lack of oxygen.. … … .. O well!

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