If things could not possibly get any more frustrating and complicated, they do! I beg you, give me a straight-jacket, lock me in a dark room with steel walls, and throw away the key! Just walk away slowly and pretend you never met me! Agh…

So I found out that Battle of the Bands is held in March. Everything seemed fine for a while, until I realized that I’ve made permanent, nonrefundable plans with Susan, (the woman I babysit for), to fly with her family to Florida for eight days around the same time as BOTB. I can’t back out, and even if I could, I wouldn’t because we are going to places I’ve never been, like Disney World, and Discovery Cove, where we’ll swim the dolphins, and then onward to Orlando and the beaches! How on earth could I ever pass that up!?! Not to mention, they’re paying me through the whole trip because I’ll be keeping my eyes on two sweet, well-behaved children!

But BOTB is too important to me to just let go, pass me by, or say adios. This is becoming a mass crucial part of my life that I don’t want to miss. So I decided, “Hey, this is December. Perhaps if I talk to some of the ASB people in school, they can help me out!” So today during lunch, Sarah and Austin came to support me and we headed off to room 209 to talk to the ASB people who are always there! I wanted to talk to Mrs. Clark, my sophomore English teacher, because she is mass nice and I figured she could help. We arrive to 209 and Mrs. Clark is no where to be found. I just see a bunch of ASB people sitting around, watching “Miracle On 34th Street” and eating chips. But then I saw Jon! The Senior President and a very close friend of mine from freshman through junior years! I approached Jon and asked him if Mrs. Clark was available. Austin and Sarah were standing close behind me. Jon gave me a very odd look and replied, “Mrs. Clark? What are you talking about?” I proceed to ask him about her and he tells me that Mrs. Clark had nothing to do with ASB. His looks continued to read, “Where have you been? In a cave?” Well, how am I supposed to know?! I’m only at school for two periods of the day! Jon continued to give me looks as though I was retarded and I finally looked him in the eyes and said clearly, “Stop giving me those looks, Jon.” He stopped and I regained my cool, and asked him who we talk to if we’re curious about events or dates and such. He said, “You talk to us.” I look around for a moment and think to myself, “How on earth can these egotistical children help me?” Probably shouldn’t have thought that, but I’m being honest! I gave him the shpeel: I told him that we wanted to do BOTB and we were concerned about the date because my job calls me off for eight days out of the month of March and before I could go on to explain how important it was to me, Jon cuts me off and tells me, “Carly, if you’re gone, that’s your own problem. Don’t expect us to change the date just for you. Besides, we haven’t even set the date yet. It’s way too early!” That’s when I tried to explain my urgency, I wanted to get to them before they set the date! But he blew me off again and told me to come back another time and, “We’re too busy with WinterFest to even consider Battle of the Bands yet! Go talk to Shawn Olzschek.” Who the heck is that? I have no idea. And sure, I believe you, Jon. Looks like you guys are really busy on WinterFest. Must be tough sitting on the couch eating junk food and watching movies. It’s tough stuff, I bet. I cannot even fathom… So basically, I took how he was treating me very personal. As I left I just shook my head. I could not believe how big-headed he became after winning last year’s election. I’ve even noticed the way he dresses is different. He looks like he belongs on Wallstreet. All he needs is the briefcase. No joke! I am so upset right now. I think I will find Mrs. Clark and see if she knows what I can do. She is an amazing Christian woman who helped me through a lot of tough times. She’s amazing.

I’m really sorry. I had to vent this all out. I’ve been frustrated for the past two hours and it’s just now starting to ease off. Anyways, I will pray about this one. I did last night. I asked God to soften Mrs. Clark’s heart so perhaps she would hear my story. Too bad I didn’t know she’s not involved in ASB anymore or else I would have asked for Him to soften Jon’s heart.

Anyways, I will pray for Jon too, and for myself, so that I won’t get so angry next time. No, I didn’t express my anger to Jon whatsoever, but I don’t like feeling angry either. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

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