One of my Christmas missions was completed tonight. I drove to Ben Franklin (craft supply store) and the place was booming. Everything was crazy. People were everywhere. Ben’s was actually crowded. Crowded! I’ve never walked in there and have to wait in line to be ringed up, but I did tonight. It was wonderful, though. I really enjoyed myself. The store was playing jazzy Christmas carols over the intercom and there were Christmas decorations in every corner of the store. I came across some mistletoe and thought about buying some to hang in my doorway, but changed my mind for fear of what message it may come across. But I did find everything I had gone to look for. A miniature Christmas tree, some fake snow, a short strand of lights, some tinsil, and a long decorative gold bead necklace. When I got home, I cleared my hopechest of everything. My CD player, my pictures, my jewelry boxes– everything. I set everything up and when I was finished, I was very satisfied. It was very festive. I also set up my CD player next to the highly decorated tree and played my beautifully mastered Christmas compilation CD playing M@ Thiessen and The Earthquakes and many other wonderful artists. I feel very accomplished right now.

I’m praying that it snows soon. The wind was crazy today. The power went out in many Woo-Town areas and elsewhere. The outage never reached my house though. We got lucky. I’m starting my video diary tonight because today is December 1, and I already mentioned what I was planning to do. Every day for the next 25 days I am going to video tape an entry, talking about all types of things, but mainly Christmas and how I feel about this time of year and such. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be fun.

All this has really cheered me up since the whole guitar thing, but still it lingers in the back of my mind. You have to get better. You have no choice. Get better. Work every day. You’ve got less than four months to absolutely rock your life! Blow their minds! Kick butt! Trust God! Pray! So on and so forth. All day long, different variations of these words are rolling in my mind. I guess people should pray for me.

A message from the jeffersonairplane staff. Please remain seated as the turbulence continues to jolt and jive. Thank you!

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