Ok, we jammed. I sucked. Really bad. All of them have mass experience and I do not. I tried really hard to keep up with them, but Austin is this amazing guitarist and Dan is also, (even though he was playing bass tonight), and all I know is your basic punk rhythm, power chord type stuff. I can’t do any solo work and I’m no good at foreign chords. So, as you can see, I’m feeling very low at this point. I wish I was good. I wish I was amazing. I wish I was the awesomest guitar player in the world. I wish I weren’t just another girl trying to act cool because I know how to semi-play. I’m feeling very bad for myself right now and I am very frustrated. I am going to kick my butt into getting better at the guitar. Battle of the Bands isn’t until March so I’ve got about four months to get myself in gear. I also have to learn the riffs to Dan’s band because I am replacing Dustin for the Battle because he is from a different school and they need a rhythm guitarist. I’m so afraid that I’m going to go to their rehearsal tomorrow and absolutely explode, just simultaneously combust with frustration. I think Dustin mainly plays power chords so that is a relief. For the most part, they are a punk band, which makes my life a whole lot easier.

I’m so full of fear and intimidation I can hardly speak. What’s wrong with me?

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