Convenient methods in effort to an increase in personal and academic revenue. In other words: Quick ways to make large sums of cash.

I’ve decided to hold a winter garage sale. Everything I’ve collected to sell has come from my room. I have five QFC bags full of clothes. Brimming, in fact. It’s ridiculous the amount of things I own but never use, don’t need, or have never really wanted. Absolutely mind-bewildering.

Ben’s encouraging me to take my guitar to some street corner where there’s a coffee shop and play for people’s kind donations. I wonder if I could… Without freaking out, I mean. It’d be good practice to get up in front of people I don’t know. May be beneficial in more ways than just financial.

So far, my potential money-making schemes are the following:

– winter garage sale.

– playing music on a street corner.

– neighborhood yardwork.

Hmm… I’m in quite the ponderous mood.

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