I think I’m due for a beast of a blog. Rather, I’m due for a rant.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm. Stephanie was asleep next to me with Lionel, the chubby stuffed lion she’s had since her chilhood, placed comfortably on top of her face. While Stephanie had Lionel, I had Wot–my only teddy bear, which I bought for myself last year after losing 10 pounds–lodged underneath my right arm . You might be asking, What 19-year-olds still sleep with stuffed animals? My answer to you is this: Back off. At least I’m comfortable enough to admit it.

Last night, Stephanie and I spent our late night hours in my basement, harmonizing our voices, laughing, and dancing like two college students ought to–like idiots. Stephanie brings out a piece of me that no one else can. The side that makes me believe I will always be young-at-heart and will always remember the ability to laugh at any and every situation. Something that should never be neglected–laughter.

I went to church this morning and Terry gave a talk about the willingness to start over. He referred to David and how he responded after being convicted by God. The talk was moving and I feel reassured in my faith. Sometimes I feel so low to the ground, it becomes nearly impossible to pick myself up. Then I hear things like this morning and I remember I don’t have to pick myself up. God carries me when I’ve fallen. I never have to be concerned with any of the burdens the world throws in my direction because God take those burdens upon Himself.

After leaving church, I called my friends in New Brunswick. As I listened to them all laugh and talk and joke with each other, I was thinking about how blessed I am to have found friends even in the farthest away place. I ask myself, How do I meet such awesome people? Why am I so blessed? What have I done to deserve to know these wonderful people? I honestly don’t know, but I know God has everything to do with it. Every last person there is so talented and intelligent and have offered so much to me in friendship, I wonder how I can repay them. Although, I have spent quite a sum on phone minutes… I suppose that is the best I can do for now.

After taking my brother to his friend’s house (where they proceeded to ready themselves for a day on the snowy slopes), I went to the Alderwood Mall to look for a gift for Brent, Ryan’s younger brother. He went in for emergency open heart surgery earlier this week because his aeorta burst. When I arrived, I prayed to God for guidance about what to get him for a gift. I mean, what do you get someone who could have died and is now lying in bed, trying to mend? I walked through an entrance of the mall I had never taken before, entered The Bon, and I didn’t walk 10 steps before seeing the gift. A 365-day calendar with the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful cars I’d ever seen. Does Brent like cars? I glance through the different pictures… Wait a tick–the kid’s a Wiedmaier–of course he likes cars! I left the gift on his dad’s doorstep along with a cheesy card. I only hope it will let him know that he has people thinking about and praying for him everyday. Again, I don’t know if it was the right thing to do for someone in that situation, but I did the best I could.

Now, I leave you. I have a date with my geology book and an online quiz. Wish me luck.

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