Angst! Frustration! And then more angst!

I can’t seem to say or do things right anymore. My parents are very upset with me. Apparently, I have lost their trust somehow… I think my mom has forgotten what it was like to be 18-20 with hopes and dreams about doing things and having fun. I honestly believe she’s forgotten that part of her adolescence. My dad has not forgotten. However, it seems he has never made a mistake and basically raised himself.

Listen to me–I sound like an idiot. I’m such a brat! I’m going to stop typing now because I sound like Hilary from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air.”

“Daddy, I can have $300?”

“Why, sweetheart?”

“Well, there is this darling hat at Bloomingdale’s that I simply must have.”

“Well, honey, don’t you have one just like it?”

“No! The one I have has a dashed seem. This one is crossed–”

“Nevermind, nevermind. Here you go. $300.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Kiss-kiss.”

Yeah… I feel just like her right now…

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